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Application for Special Events Permit


  1. 1. Application for Special Event Permit
  2. 2. Application for Special Event Permit (2)
  3. 3. Application for Special Event Permit (3)
  • Application for Special Event Permit

    1. - Please allow 45 days for processing (60 days with Temporary Road Closure Addendum).
      - Fees must be paid prior to processing.
      - Incomplete applications may delay or prevent processing.
    2. Event Information
    3. Please include set up/ break down dates, times and description. Additional event dates if applicable.
    4. - If event is a parade, demonstration, or march, applicants must complete a Fuquay-Varina Police Department Permit for Parade, Picket Lines and/or Group Demonstrations Form.
      - If event requires temporary road closures, please fill out the Application for Special Event Temporary Road Closure Addendum.
      - Race/Parade events require pre-submittal meeting with events personnel.
    5. Event Type*
    6. Event Open to the Public*
    7. Fee Charged for Event*
    8. Requested Location Type*
    9. Annual Event*
    10. Amplified Sound Used During the Event*
    11. Tents Used During the Event*
    12. Animals Part of Event*
    13. Outside Security at Event*
    14. Alcohol Sales/Consumption at Event*
    15. Food Sales/Consumption at Event*
    16. Food Vendors Present at Event*
    17. Attach a copy of ABC Temporary Extension of Premises.
    18. Serving the Alcohol