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Youth Coaches' Application

  1. All coaches (head and assistants) must be approved by the Fuquay-Varina Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department (FVPRCRD). Coaches will be subject to background checks provided by Sterling Volunteers. Head coaches must submit applications prior to the league draft date. Once approved, or denied, coaches will receive a confirmation email. All approved coaches will receive a Town of Fuquay-Varina coaches' shirt. Please contact the FVPRCRD office with any questions or concerns at 919-552-1430.
  2. Sport

    Please, only select the sports you wish to coach for the upcoming season.

  3. Position*
    Do you want to be a head coach or assistant?
  4. What age group are you interested in coaching?
  5. Coaches’ Code of Conduct
    1. Ensure the safety of all children by supervising them at all times and conducting drills and activities using safe methods.
    2. Treat all parents, officials, players and FVPRCRD staff with respect.
    3. Encourage children with positive reinforcement, placing emphasis on fun, fair play, sportsmanship and giving their best effort.
    4. Winning is not the ultimate goal; giving your best effort and displaying good sportsmanship no matter the outcome is! Losing is an opportunity to further develop skills and character.
    5. Abide by all FVPRCRD rules and policies.
    6. Be prepared. Plan activities for practices and formulate game strategy prior.
    7. Please stay with all participants until they have been picked up by a parent or guardian. Please do not allow players to leave with an unknown person. If you must leave before all players have left, please notify an assistant coach, staff person or parent to wait with remaining players.
    8. Be aware of all medical conditions and special needs of a player. Consult a parent privately.
    9. Please make all players aware of the risks of each sport.
    10. Communicate with parents, players, assistant coaches and FVPRCRD staff.
    11. Maintain control of practices and games by supervising participants closely.
    12. Ensure that equipment is used properly. Notify FVPRCRD of any damaged, broken or worn out equipment so that it may be replaced.
    13. Notify FVPRCRD staff of any field hazards immediately.
    14. Please maintain and accurate roster. Notify FVPRCRD staff of any players that have missed multiple practices or games. Make sure all participants are registered through FVPRCRD.
    15. Treat all players equally.
    16. Be a positive role model for all participants and parents by demonstrating good sportsmanship, honesty and integrity at all times. Encourage players to do the same.
    17. Strive to make each team related function fun!
    18. Teach the fundamentals of the sport you are coaching. If you don’t know something, ask a FVPRCRD staff member and they will gladly help any way they can.
    19. Plan a starting lineup and player rotation for each game.
    20. The use or being under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs and performance enhancing supplements during sports programs will result in the immediate dismissal from all current and future participation with the FVPRCRD sports programs.
    21. Do not request or require parents to purchase additional uniforms for practices and games. Only town issued uniforms will be required for games.
    22. Understand that any violation of the Coaches’ Code of Conduct may result in the ejection, suspension or banning of participation in sports programs.
    23. The Town reserves the right to refuse the services of any applicant.
    24. The Town may remove any coach, at any time, for any reason.
  6. By submitting this form, I confirm that I have read and acknowledge the code of conduct and agree to adhere to the code as written.
    After completing this form, you will be forwarded to the Verified Volunteers website. On the WEB page, you will need to create an account - follow the prompts to create a Username and password. Once the account is set up, you will need TWO pieces of information: Organization = Town of Fuquay-Varina & Good Deed Code = xd4cwoa
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