Can I have chickens?

The trend of keeping backyard chickens has been on the rise over the past number of years. Whether the interest is for sustainability, comfort, food independence or other reasons, the Town supports this initiative. The adopted Land Development Ordinance which became effective on Dec. 30, 2016, allows for a maximum of five (5) chickens restricted in a pen on residential lots within the Town limits as long as restrictive covenants do not apply. Please check with your homeowner’s association to confirm chickens are allowed.  A permit is required for the pen. Roosters are NOT permitted. For more information, contact the Planning Department at 919-552-1429 or

 Please check with your homeowners’ association or your deed to see if there are additional, private standards in your neighborhood. It’s important to know that even where restrictive covenants create standards, compliance with the Town’s standards is still mandatory.  

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