What’s the difference between yard debris service and loose leaf service?

Loose leaves

Yard debris


Leaves and pine straw.

No limbs, rocks, trash, etc.

Vegetative material (grass clippings, pulled weeds, branches, and other debris).

No dirt, mulch, sod, or rocks.

Collection schedule

Automatically collected mid-October to mid-February. No request needed.

Collected the same week as recycling. Leaves should be prepared by Sunday of recycling week.

Collected year-round, by request (complete the yard debris form).

All requests for pick-up received by 5:00 p.m. on Monday will be scheduled for pick up that week.


Place loose leaf and/or pine straw piles at the curb in one large pile.

Do not place leaves in the street where they may interfere with traffic or drainage. Do not block sidewalks or fire hydrants.

Leaves cannot be in containers or on tarps.

Place all loose residential yard debris (grass clippings, pulled weeds, and small pruning branches) in one or more plastic totes (less than 20 gallons).

Larger debris, such as limbs, must be stacked in one large pile. Limbs should not be longer than 5 feet in length and 5 inches in diameter.

Do not place on a tarp.

Yard debris and loose leaf collection information

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