Why does my water have a reddish-brown color?
Water with a reddish-brown color can be attributed to more than one thing. The most common contributing factor is sediment which consists of iron and/or manganese and is naturally present in the water. A sudden change in water velocity within the water distribution line can “stir-up” or suspend sediment.

This sudden velocity increase can be caused when a fire hydrant is opened all the way or if a water line is damaged by a contractor while excavating. Both instances create a large demand for water on the water line which causes a sudden surge of water to flow through the water line in order to compensate for the demand.

While this reddish-brown color is not aesthetically pleasing and it is recommended you not wash laundry until it clears up it is not unsafe for human consumption. Should you happen to have discolored laundry the Town of Fuquay-Varina offers free a product which can be picked up from the water billing office at Town Hall, 401 Old Honeycutt Road. This product has been successful in removing stains on clothing caused by iron/manganese. Please call 919-753-1028 for more information.

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