Code Interpretation Review Process

In accordance with NCGS 160A-412(f), the Town of Fuquay-Varina Inspections Department has implemented the following process for the review of decisions made by Town inspectors and plans reviewers when requested:

  1. Each permit that is issued by the Town's Inspections Department shall contain an internet link to the Town's website providing the name, phone number, and e-mail address of the supervisor of each inspector. There shall also be a notation on the permit explaining the link and providing notice of the availability of the informal internal review process. 
  2. In the event a building permit holder or applicant contacts any Inspections Department employee seeking review of an inspector's decision, that individual will be directed to contact Building Codes Inspector Supervisor Gary Kennedy. Those seeking review of a plan review decision will be directed to contact the Inspections Director Chris Hinnant.
  3. The supervisor shall make contact with the permit holder or applicant within three business days of receiving the request. The permit holder or applicant may present any information they like at that time and the supervisor may request any other information or documentation from the permit holder or applicant that is necessary to make a decision.
  4. The supervisor shall review the decision with the inspector or plans reviewer as well as with the Inspections Director.
  5. The supervisor shall notify the permit holder or applicant of his/her decision through either email or letter as soon as it is determined. If a decision takes longer than 5 business days after receipt of all requested information, the supervisor will notify the permit holder or applicant of that status and the reason for the delay.