Commercial & Retail Recruitment and Development

As Fuquay-Varina’s residential population continues to rapidly expand, so will the demand for quality retail & commercial amenities. Retailers make their decisions to invest in a location based on demographic trends coupled with the sales they expect to generate within a local trade or target market area. Commonly, retailers follow residential or “rooftop” developments and it is the responsibility of the local economic developer to facilitate and coordinate these development efforts.

The Town recognizes the need to focus energies on recruiting unmet, high-end retailers in high demand by its residents and businesses. Fuquay-Varina’s neighboring communities have experienced retail booms that have contributed to changing the landscape of their communities. In addition, the national economic downturn had a significant impact on the retail sector. Many new retailers are taking more creative approaches to selecting their next community investment.

The Town's Economic Development in collaboration with its development partners in the retail/corporate sector are undertaking the following objectives to recruit high-end retail services & amenities:

  • Identify Strategic Sites for Retailers
  • Identify Unmet & High-End Retailers
  • Establish Relationships with Retailers and Developers
  • Identify  Infrastructure Opportunities for Retailers
  • Develop Commercial  Gateway Programs and Design Criteria
  • Streamline and Coordinate Permitting Intake Process