Water and Sewer Safety Tips

Keeping the water supply safe and clean is a primary goal of the Town of Fuquay-Varina.  Here are some useful tips to help us keep our water and sewer operating safely.

Winterize Irrigation System to Avoid Problems
Burr!  It’s chilly outside!  If you have an automatic irrigation system, the Fuquay-Varina Public Utilities department would like to remind you that it’s time to winterize it.  Taking the necessary steps to protect your system now will help avoid costly repairs in the springtime.  Frozen water expands and can rupture pipes when there is no room for the water to expand inside them. Winterizing your sprinklers will remove water from the pipes, and prevent damage due to cold weather and prevent you from having to replace the back flow device when it freezes and breaks which could cost $750.00 or more depending on the size.

Blow your system out using an air compressor, or drain your system manually at least two days before freezing weather arrives.  Remove or insulate the back flow prevention device and other exposed pipes.

Are flushable wipes flushable?  No! Makers of flushable wipes claim they can be flushed but in reality they do not break down and can cause sewer blockages and ultimately a sewer spill.  Lean more in this video.