Downtown Parking Study

As a part of the Town's pre-development services to support leveraging private sector investment downtown to create catalyst mixed-use projects, the Town has hired a professional engineering firm to prepare a Downtown Parking Plan. These consulting services are necessary to provide an analysis of the downtown’s current parking demand and how much parking will be needed to support new mixed-use development projects consisting of commercial, retail, and residential uses. These consulting services will provide guidance and recommendations on what the Town’s role should be in providing and managing parking throughout the downtown areas.

The downtown parking study assessed the following:

  • Determined how much parking is needed in the downtown based on existing uses;
  • Forecasts how much parking will be needed in the future based on potential uses, in-fill mixed-use development, and rehabilitation of existing structures;
  • Identified locations for additional parking during business operating hours, overnight, event parking, etc.;
  • Incorporated downtown merchant business/residential need for parking that include safety, biking and pedestrian walking distances; and 
  • Provided recommendations to the Town on how existing/new parking should be managed and funded.
Downtown Park Study Final Report May 2017. Click HERE to view the final Study

For more information on the downtown parking study, please contact Tiffany McNeill, Economic Development Director at 919-753-1031, or Dawn Russell, Downtown Development Manager at 919-753-1040.