Off Duty Officer Employment

The Town of Fuquay-Varina hosts a number of events annually and all gatherings such as concerts, parades, walks, and festivals that take place on public property or on public streets must receive authorization through the Town.

Because each of these events requires advanced planning to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for all who attend, the Police Department works closely with Town staff to ensure that each event has appropriate safety and security plans and that the appropriate level of staffing by the Police Department is scheduled for the event. 

The police department works with local business owners and residents to provide security for businesses and events that are held on private property. Below is a brief outline of the general requirements for hiring off-duty officers:

  • The minimum rate of pay is one and a half times (1.5) the officer’s salary hourly rate as contracted through the Town of Fuquay-Varina.
  • Extra-duty employment will be handled through the Town’s payroll system. The Town of Fuquay-Varina Finance Department will send a bill to the extra-duty employer for any hours worked. Officers shall not accept payment from an extra-duty employer directly. Employees working extra-duty employment will be paid a minimum of three (3) hours.
  • Officers providing security for businesses serving alcohol are required to be posted outside of the business. Officers cannot serve as "bouncers" for the business.
  • The business must be located inside of the Town of Fuquay-Varina.
  • Residents and/or business owners must complete and sign a contract for off-duty services prior to an officer working the off-duty event.
  • The Town must be paid in a timely manner as outlined in the agreed upon contract.
  • Other limitations on services may apply depending on the request.
  • Officers will not enforce the individual rules of a business or property owner, only law.
  • Requests may require street closures as well as other permits.
  • Approval of all contracts will be made by the Chief of Police.
For more information, please contact the Police Department's Special Events Coordinator, Captain Chris Gathman, at (919) 552-1434, or by email at