Transportation Projects

Update: Dec. 7, 2018 - The Town is making significant progress on many transportation projects. The Town currently has $33 million in road projects in design.

Planning, project design and right-of-way acquisition must all occur prior to construction with various state and federal approvals during the process. Depending on the size of the project and associated complexities, the pre-construction phase for the proposed bond projects normally takes 12 - 24 months.  Below is an update on several transportation projects:

NE Judd Intersection Project (Judd/Main/Broad)

Goal: This project improves flow through and around one of the town's busiest intersections.

Progress UpdateConstruction on the NE Judd Intersection Project began in Jan. 2018 immediately following citizen approval of the 2015 Transportation Bond. As of year end 2018, the project is 90% complete with all lanes open.  New traffic signals and thermoplastic markings can not be installed until spring due to seasonal limitations.  The total project budget is over $7 million and is funded through a combination of bonds and grants and is on schedule. 

The project added lanes on NE Judd Parkway from Old Honeycutt Road past the Walmart shopping center.   See Detail of New Lanes

NW Judd Parkway

Goal: Completion of Judd Parkway will provide better circulation for residents and commuters, prepare for anticipated growth south of Town, and provide further relief for the busy intersections along US 401 through Town.

On Dec. 3, 2018, the Town Board approved a contract with S. T. Wooten Corporation in the amount of $12,468,619 for completion of the final section of NW Judd Parkway Project. Town staff and the Town's consultant, Kimley-Horn and Associates have worked to navigate the complex design and ROW acquisition process, as well as environmental permitting necessary to bring the project to fruition.

Town Staff is working on final coordination with utility companies, Norfolk Southern, and S.T. Wooten.  Construction is anticipated to begin in early February 2019.

The total project budget, including design, ROW and construction costs is $24,800,000.  The project is paid for through a combination of financing including $8.65 million in LAPP Grant Funding with the remainder paid from bonds approved by tax payers in the 2015 Transportation Bond.

The final leg of Judd Parkway should be open for use in 2020.

NW Judd Parkway Project

Intersection of Main Street/ Sunset Lake Road / Purfoy Road

Goal: This project will improve flow through and around the intersection.

Progress UpdateThis project is funded through a combination of grant and bonds and has been phased.  In April 2016, the Town seized an opportunity to add partial lane improvements through an NCDOT repaving project taking place on Hwy. 401.  These partial improvements were 18 month ahead of schedule and saved taxpayers $500,000.  

Phase 1 construction was completed in April 2018.  The following improvements have been made to the Main/Sunset Lake/Purfoy intersection to improve traffic flow:

  • Modifications on Purfoy Road that provide for full functionality of the 2nd left turn lane which also improves traffic flow on the existing thru lane.
  • The Sunset Lake Road approach received 2 dedicated left turn lanes, a dedicated thru lane and a right turn lane.
  • Removal of the concrete island north of the railroad on Sunset Lake Road allows for better access to the southbound dual left turn lane (onto Hwy 401) as well as better access to the left turn stacking for northbound traffic onto Broad Street. 
  • Pedestrian crossings and signals at the intersection.

The second phase of the Main/Sunset Lake/Purfoy intersection will extend improvements north of the railroad and are currently in the design phase to be followed by right-of-way acquisition, construction bidding and construction to begin in early 2019.

Intersection of Old Honeycutt Road and Purfoy Road

In May 2018, the Town of Fuquay-Varina received a Locally Administered Project Program (LAPP) grant from the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) for improvements at the intersection of Old Honeycutt Road and Purfoy Road. The total project is expected to cost $1,218,500 of which the LAPP grant will fund 75% of the cost or $913,875. The Town of Fuquay-Varina will provide $304,625 or 25% of the total project cost to be paid from bond proceeds.

In Oct. 2018, the Town Board award a contract to Kimley-Horn for design and permitting of this project with construction anticipated to begin by early fall of 2019 and completion expected during the first half of 2020.

Sunset Lake Road / Bass Lake Road /Hilltop Needmore Road

This NCDOT project is currently under construction adding two dedicated left turn lanes; one from the Bass Lake Road approach and one from the HIlltop Needmore Road approach.  The estimated cost of the project is $655,000.  The Town Board agreed to participate in a funding agreement to pay $150,000 to help get the project completed.

Products Road

On June 13, 2018, Products Road opened to the public.  Products Road is a publicly dedicated road constructed by private development. 

Five Points Area

NCDOT is in the beginning phase of preliminary design and environmental study for the Five Points area (Highway 401 / Highway 55 / Highway 42). The project is scheduled to enter into Right of Way acquisition in 2019 with construction in 2021.

In Angier, NCDOT is beginning environmental study on widening Highway 55 in from Angier to the (Holland Road) southern parts of Fuquay-Varina jurisdiction.

Grant Funding

In November 2015, voters overwhelming approved $21 million in transportation bonds to pay for new roads with the goal of improving traffic congestion in critical areas. Voter approval allows the Town to sell bonds in order to establish funding for the proposed projects but before the Town Board can vote to issue the bonds, many steps need to be completed prior to beginning construction.

In 2016, the Town secured $12,335,000 in grants and appropriations for transportation projects. Leveraging local dollars with outside funding helps our money go further.  It has also kept our tax rate lower (actual tax $0.4325 vs. proposed tax $0.4525) than advertised and approved in the 2015 bond referendum.  In essence, the town is delivering more with less. 

Administration of the Locally Administered Projects Program (LAPP) by the NC Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization involves a once-a-year call for all local road-way, transit, bicycle and pedestrian projects, and results in an annual program of projects in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The Town of Fuquay-Varina has submitted numerous road and pedestrian projects for grant funding consideration by CAMPO. Projects selected for grant funding should be announced in early 2019.

How will Construction Affect My Commute?

The town gives weekly updates on how construction is anticipated to affect traffic in the construction zone areas at and on the Town's Facebook page.