Recycling Collection Service

The Town provides bi-weekly curbside recycling collection. Once a voluntary program, recycling collection is now mandatory. Due to the State of North Carolina’s ban on cardboard, aluminum cans, and numbered plastics in the landfill, citizens are required to recycle or demonstrate how they dispose of the banned materials.

Recycling is easy!  Simply put items directly into your blue recycle cart.  DO NOT place recycle material in a plastic bag of any kind.  Make sure the cart is placed curbside the night before your assigned day to ensure pickup.  The Town of Fuquay-Varina will not empty blue recycling bins if materials are placed in a plastic bag of any kind or contain non-recyclable material.  

Recycling is picked up every other Wednesday and is based on where you live. Find out if you are assigned to the Blue or Green Route. Cross reference the  Green and Blue Recycling Calendar to determine your exact recycling collection date.

See the #RecycleRightNC Accepted Recycling guide below.  Click here to download the PDF. 

All Accepted Recycling Graphic

In July 2017, our Public Works Department began trading out 35-gallon recycle bins with 95-gallon bins and as of June 1, 2018, we are in the homestretch of this process!  To ensure everyone has a 95-gallon recycle cart, we need help from our citizens! Everyone receiving recycle service from the town must have a 95-gallon cart.  In the near future, the Town will stop servicing 35-gallon recycle carts.

If you have BOTH a 95 and 35-gallon recycle cart, please place the 35-gallon cart at the curb on your next recycle day so it can be emptied and call 919-552-1408 to schedule pick-up of the 35-gallon cart. 

If you ONLY have a 35-gallon cart, please call 919-552-1408 to schedule replacing it with a 95-gallon cart.  

If you recycle a lot and need more than a 95-gallon bin, you can purchase an additional 95-gallon cart from the Town for a $25 fee.  There is no additional charge for the monthly pick-up service.  To have an additional 95-gallon cart delivered, call 919-552-1404.

You can also complete this online form.

The 95-gallon containers provide several benefits to the Town and therefore to the citizens:

  • The Town potentially generates revenue from recyclable materials and the larger containers encourage greater recycling habits. If the recycling market is doing well, the Town receives a dividend from the Recycling Center where materials are taken. This revenue assists the Town with paying for future capital expenses such as solid waste collection trucks and allows the Town to maintain or mitigate increases in solid waste collection rates.
  • The Town saves money by taking recyclable material out of the waste stream that is inserted into the landfill. Specifically, the Town saves $32/ton for all recyclable material removed. These savings benefit the customers because they again allow the Town to pay for future capital expenses and provide service without necessarily having to make an increase in customer rates.
  • The smaller bins are top heavy and are easily toppled over in windy conditions. The stability of the 95-gallon bins mitigate the need to clean up recyclable materials that have littered public streets and yards thereby benefiting both the customer and the town.
  • The larger 95-gallon containers allow citizens that do collect more than 35 gallons of recyclable material to store their material until collection day. This is a benefit to the efficiency of town staff in that staff does not have to slow down to pick up extra material placed on the ground.
Below find a list of all the items that can be easily and conveniently recycled and those that should not go into the recycle cart. Download Recycle Right Flyer
Recycle Right Door Hanger_November 2016