Recycling Collection Service

The Town provides bi-weekly curbside recycling collection. Recycling is picked up every other Wednesday and should follow these guidelines…


  • Place your blue recycling cart curbside on Tuesday nights.
  • Break down and flatten cardboard boxes and remove all packing material.
  • Recycle! The State of North Carolina has banned cardboard, aluminum cans, and numbered plastics in landfills.


  • Put your recycling in plastic bags.
  • Put pizza boxes in your recycling.
  • Put any type of plastic film, plastic grocery bags, styrofoam, or bubble wrap in the recycling cart.
  • Put anything other than allowed recyclables in your recycling cart.

Carts that contain non-recyclable and/or bagged items will not be collected. 

Recycling Collection Schedule

Determine your collection date using the Green and Blue Recycling Calendar. Find out if you are assigned to the Blue or Green Route with our interactive web map. Expand the Town Information and Development layer group, and then select the Recycling and Leaf Collection Streets layer. Enter your address in the upper left corner to zoom to the address.

What can be recycled?

Only recycle these items Do not recycle these items
Flattened cardboard
Metal cans
Plastics (water, soda, and cleaning bottles; plastic jugs)
Glass bottles

Properly prepare your recyclables:

Empty and rinse off any residue

Flatten cardboard and remove all packing materials

Place directly in cart, not in bags
Ceramics, porcelain
Margarine tubs
Clam shell containers
Oil containers
Clothes hangers
Wire or plastic
Pizza boxes
Construction waste
Plant pots or containers
Plastic bags, film, and packaging
Plastic bottles containing oil or chemicals
Fabric, clothes, and textiles
Plastic produce containers
Garden hoses
Shredded paper
Glass cookware
Styrofoam (cups, egg cartons, take-out containers, packing materials)
Helium tanks
Syringes or medical waste
Large or scrap metal (such as frying pans and metal pipes)
Window or auto glass
Laundry baskets
Yard waste
Light bulbs
Yogurt cups

If your cart is cracked or damaged… 

For recycling cart repairs or replacements, please call (919) 753-1027.

If you recycle a lot… 

You can purchase an additional 95-gallon cart from the Town for a $25 fee. There is no additional charge for the monthly pick-up service. To have an additional 95-gallon cart delivered, complete this online form, or call 919-753-1027.