Street Maintenance Issues

Public roads in Fuquay-Varina are maintained by either the Town of Fuquay-Varina or the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). Knowing the entity that maintains a particular street or road helps in knowing where and how to report maintenance issues.
  • State Maintained Roads: Properly maintained state roads will have SR plus a four-digit number in the right corner.  Look up State maintained (SR) roads.
  • Town Maintained Roads: Town maintained roads will have a green sign with only the street name on it.
  • Privately Maintained Roads: Privately maintained roads will have a yellow marker on the right-side of the street name sign indicating it is privately maintained.
Public Utilities Snow Plow

Who Maintains the Streets in our Web Map

To view Who Maintains the Streets information in our Town web map, please follow the steps below:
Open the Town web map using the link below
  • Click on the Town Information and Development layer group to expand the layer list.
  • Next, turn on the Who Maintains the Streets? layer. 
  • Now you can pan and zoom around Town to see Who Maintains each street segment.
Click here to open the Town web map.

How to Report Street Maintenance Issues

State Maintained Roads: To report potholes or other maintenance issues involving state-owned roads, call NCDOT at 919-733-4768 or go to the NCDOT website and use the reporting button.

Town-owned streets: To report potholes and other maintenance issues for town maintained streets, call the Public Works Department at 919-753-1027.