Once the road design is complete, bids are received for construction on the identified date and are disclosed publicly. The Board of Transportation awards (or the Town Board for Town projects) the contract to the lowest responsible bidder. The bidder (private contractor) is then obligated to construct the project in accordance with plan requirements and specifications upon which the bid was received.

NCDOT staff in the Division of Highways will administer the contract and provide inspection and testing functions to assure the project is properly constructed. An NCDOT resident engineer and his/her staff interpret plan details and contract requirements, test for quality, check for conformity with contractual requirements and document the quantity of work performed so the contractor can be paid on a monthly basis. The resident engineer and staff also make certain the environment is protected, manage traffic flow along the project, work with adjacent property owners, observe work zone safety and oversee coordination with state and federal agencies.

Judd Parkway Construction

Project Completion

Once the project is complete, a final inspection is made by an engineer not involved in the project's construction to verify it has been completed properly. The highway is then opened to traffic.

For Town projects, the Town's Engineering Department serves these same functions.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Road Project?

Completion of planning, programming, project development and analysis, design, right-of-way, and construction can vary with each project. For example, a moderate sized project like the NE Judd Parkway can take from 2-7 years to complete all steps to completion.