Final Plat

The following matters must be attended to in order to allow for release of the final plat map for recordation:

Plat Map

Submit three (3) paper copies of the draft final plat map and required application materials to the Planning Department for review. The final plat map must include all matters required by the Town's LDO and Spec Book.

Submit mylar(s) of the final plat map, signed by the surveyor and the property owner, once review comments are provided.

Assignment of Street Addresses

The Town will assign street addresses for each lot included on the final plat map. Review comments of the draft final plat map will include street address assignments.

Calculation of Fees

The Town will calculate fees, which are based on the cost for water and sewer for each residential unit of the phase(s) submitted on the final plat map. Dedication of recreation land or a payment-in-lieu of dedication is paid at this time also. All fees must be paid in full to the Town (Planning Department) prior to the Town signing the final plat map.

Field-Verified As-Built Drawings

Submit draft paper copies of the as-built drawings to the Engineering Department for review. These as-builts must be field verified for all installed construction including sanitary sewer and water lines (with cross reference by distance to valves, manholes, water meters and cleanout locations), streets, catch basins, curb and gutter, sidewalks, fire hydrants, constructed elevations of top and inverts for sanitary sewer and storm drainage, easements, rights-of-way dedication and landscaping, if part of the approved construction plans. 

As-built drawings must be approved, with one set of mylars, one paper copy, and one digital copy (.dwg or .dxf - format for CAD) of as-builts provided to the Town, prior to final plat map approval.

Final Walk-Through Inspection

The developer shall coordinate with the assigned construction inspector to schedule the required final walk-through inspection. This is performed by the Town's Public Works, Public Utilities, Engineering and Planning Departments, and is a field inspection for all public infrastructure and zoning requirements associated with the final plat map. Once the inspection has been completed, a punch list will be provided identifying any deficiencies that need to be corrected. Once punch list items have been corrected, another walk-through inspection is performed. It is the developer's responsibility to schedule all necessary walk-through inspections through the Town's Public Works Department. 

Submit Certification

Submit copies of the State Certification for water and sanitary sewer to the Engineering Department, which must be signed and sealed by the engineer who designed the utility system.

If the streets are to be maintained by the NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT), the proper certification on the map must be signed by NCDOT before the Town will sign the final plat map.

One Year Warranty

A one year warranty is required by the Town to ensure that public infrastructure and improvements meet material and workmanship standards. Repair of any deficiencies that occur during the one year warranty are the responsibility of the developer. An end of warranty inspection is required to close out this period. It is the developer's responsibility to notify the Public Works Department prior to the end of the warranty (60 days is requested) to schedule the end of warranty inspection. The developer will be notified of all deficiencies that must be corrected prior to the Town taking over the maintenance of the infrastructure and releasing the one year warranty. This process is very similar to the final walk-through inspection process. 

Additional Notations


It is the developer's responsibility to ensure that all required matters are attended to, as generally outlined herein, to allow the plat map to be released for recordation at the Wake County Register of Deeds. More precisely described in the Town's LDO and Spec Book, and during the preconstruction meeting, prior to the start of infrastructure installation. 

The items included herein may happen simultaneously, and are not required to happen in the order provided. Town staff suggest that the developer pursue concurrency on these matters to expedite these final steps toward plat recordation. 

The Wake County Register of Deeds will not record the plat map until the Town has signed the plat map. 

Submit seven (7) paper copies of the recorded plat map to the Planning Department. The Town will not issue any building permits until required copies of the recorded plat map is received by the Town.