Construction Plans

The preliminary plan is only valid for three (3) years after the Town Board's approval date, during which time the applicant must submit construction drawings for review. Failing to do so would render the preliminary plan no longer valid and the process of preliminary plan approval would start over.

Submittal of construction drawings is intended to give the Town specific information about the construction of the proposed subdivision before any improvements are made, to include grading, utility profiles and stormwater calculations, among other things.

The Process

The following outlines the typical process followed for major subdivision construction drawings:


Pre-Development Meeting  

The Town encourages a pre-development meeting prior to submitting a major subdivision construction drawing application. This meeting is held with department directors so that information may be provided to the applicant regarding the review process and schedule, provisions of the LDO and other Town specifications and standards pertinent to the subdivision construction drawings. Feedback will be provided so that the applicant has clear direction for plan preparation. A site sketch is required to schedule the pre-development meeting.


Pre-Submittal Meeting

The Town requires a pre-submittal meeting prior to submitting the major subdivision construction drawings. This meeting is held with department directors as well as plan review staff and gives the opportunity for the applicant to present a nearly complete set of construction drawings for preliminary comments, possibly reducing the number of comments during first review.
Click HERE for the construction drawings plan review checklist.


Application Submittal and Acceptance

The formal construction drawing review process begins when the application package is submitted to the Planning Department. Click HERE for the construction drawing application. The application provides a list of all required submittal materials including the application fee. A general outline of the review and approval process is also included in the application.

Plan Review

Once the construction drawings are accepted, it will be entered into the review queue and distributed to Town staff. The review of the construction drawings will occur in the order it was received and upon review completion a list of comments will be provided to the primary contact and developer listed on the application form.

Town Staff will be primarily concerned with the improvements proposed and their potential effect on the Town. The Staff will review the proposed construction drawings to ensure that it is in compliance with the Town's ordinances, development standards, and adopted plans or policies. The plan set may also be reviewed by others outside the development review staff, including Federal, State, local agencies, or others, as the Planning Department considers appropriate or as necessary for compliance.


The applicant must address the Staff's comments by responding to comments and making the applicable changes to the plans. Resubmittal of subsequent reviews will be entered into a new review cycle to be reviewed in the order received. A $450.00 review fee will be required prior to distribution of the 3rd and subsequent submittals.


The Planning Department will consider the construction documents approved once all comments are addressed.

Pre-Construction Meeting

Prior to the start of construction, a pre-construction meeting is scheduled through the Town's Engineering Department. This meeting allows for the coordination of inspections, construction process reviews, and the collection of required fees. Click HERE for the Town's Engineering Department.


Construction of Infrastructure & Building(s)

Construction of infrastructure (streets, utilities, etc.) is inspected by the Town's Engineering Department.  Click HERE for the Town's Engineering Department. 

Building construction is inspected by the Town's Inspections Department. Inspections related to site stabilization and zoning compliance are performed by the Town's Planning Department and are scheduled through the Inspections Department.  Click HERE for the Town's Inspections Department.

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