Annexation is the process for the Town of Fuquay-Varina to expand its corporate boundaries and is initiated solely at the request of the property owner. There are a number of ways residents can voluntarily annex into the Town limits, which are all described in Article Q, Section 9-1808, (c) of the Town's Land Development Ordinance

The Process

The following outlines the typical process followed for preliminary plans:

Pre-Submittal Meeting

The Town requires a pre-submittal meeting prior to submitting the annexation petition. This meeting is held with Town staff and gives the opportunity for the applicant to present a nearly complete annexation application to receive feedback. Contact the Planning Department’s Long Range Planning to schedule this meeting at or 919-552-1429

Annexation Submittal

The formal annexation process begins when the application package is submitted to the Planning Department. Click HERE for the application. The application provides a list of all required submittal materials including the application fee. A general outline of the review and approval process is also included in the application.

Annexation Review & Acceptance

After the annexation submittal is reviewed by Town staff and accepted by the Planning Department, the petition is routed to the Town Clerk at least seven (7) calendar days before next regular Town Board meeting, which is held on the first Monday of each month.

Town Board Meetings

Note: Town Board meetings are held two times a month, on the first Monday of the month, and the third Tuesday of the month.

Certification Hearing

At the Town Board meeting, Town Board may then direct the Town Clerk to investigate the sufficiency of the petition. After this investigation, and once the petition is ready to move forward, the Town Clerk will present the Certificate of Sufficiency to the Town Board at the next regular Town Board meeting, which is held on the

Public Hearing

The Town Board will adopt a resolution, setting a public hearing at next available public hearing session - usually the second Town Board meeting of the following month.

Public Hearing held as advertised.

Annexation Ordinance may be adopted; usually at the next regular meeting, which is the first Monday of the month.

Town Clerk notifies required agencies of approved annexation.

Annexation is final and complete when mylars, certifications and ordinances are recorded with the Wake County register of deeds. The Town is responsible for fees and recordation.


Contact the Inspections Department for applicable permits and fees. Any permits applied for the subject property will not be approved until the annexation is final.

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