PRCR Facility Master Plan

The purpose of the 2024 Comprehensive Systemwide Master Plan is to bring current facilities up to a higher standard and to provide new amenities to ensure that the PRCRD can meet the growing demands of the community. Special consideration for identified projects was made to meet the growth trends in the youth sports program, the need to bring existing facilities to industry standards, and the need to increase play opportunities within Fuquay-Varina.

To gauge community needs and wants, the PRCRD department created a three-step process to collect community input. First, the PRCRD developed a page on the website dedicated to the master planning process. Second, the PRCRD held five in-person public input opportunities throughout the month of January 2023. Third, the Town issued a public survey, available through the month of January, on the website. 

Following the evaluation of the public input activities and internal needs assessments, PRCRD prioritizes proposed projects. 

The 2024 Comprehensive Systemwide Master Plan lists $68,509,890 in projects. To pay for the investments, the Town will utilize recreation unit fees; state-funded grants, such as the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF); other grant opportunities; and a bond referendum. Find more information on the 2023 Parks and Recreation Bond.