Burn Permits

Disposal Ordinances

4-4007 Disposal of Yard and Leaf Material:
  1. All yard and leaf waste material shall be disposed of in accordance with all applicable local ordinances and state and federal rules and regulations.
  2. No person shall burn yard and leaf waste material on the street or sidewalks or on private property in the corporate limits.
  3. Burning is permitted for land clearing or right-of-way maintenance material, provided a state burning permit is obtained and all conditions stated thereon are complied with.
(Ordinance M-92-05, passed June 1, 1992)

Other open burning shall comply with the North Carolina Forest Service and the Division of Air Quality rules and regulations.

Please contact our Code Enforcement Division at 919-753-1014 for more information on open burning in right-of-ways.

Applying for Burning Permit

You may apply for a burning permit online through the North Carolina Forest Service.

Applying In Person

You may also obtain a burning permit in person at:
Town of Fuquay-Varina
Fire Department
301 S Fuquay Avenue
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526