Young Actors Theatre

Nemo Jr Auditions

Finding Nemo Jr. 2024 Cast List:

Nemo - Frances Barrow            

      Understudy - Madeline Keeler

Marlin - Sam Schuster

       Understudy - Asher Kitto

Dory - Gracie Puente

     Understudy - Patricia Hoffer

Bloat - Madeline Keeler

Bubbles - Adeline White

Gill - Patricia Hoffer

Gurgle - Emma Fielder

Peach - Lia Mullin

Crush - Asher Kitto

Breeze - Lilah Robertson

Kai - Ellery White

Squirt - Catherine Bellroof

Bruce - Brendan Johnson

Anchor - Adrianna Amarino

Chum - Abel White

Professor Ray - Jahnavi Pancholi

Pearl - Mackenzie Rubin

Pearl’s Parent - Elizabeth Bellroof

Sheldon - Penn Robinson

Sheldon’s Parent - Anabelle MacKay

Tad - Gregory White

Tad’s Parent - Leah Deoro

Angelfish - Emmy Moss

Barracuda -Lincoln Hutchins

Coral - Mariana Hager

Damselfish - Emilia Bouse

Electric Eel 1 - Niko Castro

Electric Eel 2 - Austin Johnson

Grouper - Josiah Brymer

Lobster 1 - Lincoln Brymer

Lobster 2 - Elianna Brymer

Moonfish 1 - Elizabeth Bellroof

Moonfish 2 - Lucy Kim

Moonfish 3 - Charlie Anderson

Moonfish 4 - Mariana Hager

Moonfish 5 - Savanna Driscoll

Moonfish 6 - Henry Brymer

Nigel - Ryan Sailsbury

Octopus 1 - Emma Newell

Octopus 2 - Amelia Hunt

Sea Turtle 1 - Isabell Yango

Sea Turtle 2 - Julie Cicero

Seahorse 1 - Luna DeJesus

Seahorse 2 - Addie Beaver

Vacationer - Zeke White

Sharks - Catherine Bellroof, Julie Cicero, Lincoln Hutchins, Asher Kitto, Ellery White, Isabell Yango, Charlotte Yates, Can Yilmaz

Jellyfish - Leah Deoro, Annabelle MacKay, Penn Robinson, Mackenzie Rubin, Gregory White, Zeke White, Charlotte Yates, Can Yilmaz

Fish Friends - Emilia Bouse, Emmy Moss

Seagulls - Charlie Anderson, Elizabeth Bellroof, Henry Brymer, Savanna  Driscoll, Mariana Hager, Lucy Kim

Scuba Mask Dancer - Lilah Robinson

Sea Chorus - Charlie Anderson, Addie Beaver, Elizabeth Bellroof, Emilia Bouse, Elianna Brymer, Henry Brymer, Josiah Brymer, Lincoln Brymer, Niko Castro, Julie Cicero, Luna DeJesus,  Savanna Driscoll,  Mariana Hager, 

Amelia Hunt, Lucy Kim, Emma Newell, Isabell Yango, Emmy Moss, Mackenzie Rubin, Penn Robinson, Gregory White, Zeke White, Charlotte Yates, Can Yilmaz

     We were overwhelmed with the talent that we had at auditions. Thank you so much for coming out. Please continue to audition and/or register for musical theatre classes at the Arts Center. An email will be sent out to all those that are cast with a link to register for the production. Please search all named roles and lists to find your role. 

     If you cannot accept your role, please let Valerie know by Tuesday, January 23 at or call the FV Arts Center and they will get a message to her. 

     Rehearsals are every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-7:30 and will begin January 30 at 5:30. Please check in at the front desk for every rehearsal and wear clothes and shoes you can move in. Scripts will be handed out at the first rehearsal. 

     There will be a parent meeting on Feb 1 at 5:30. It will only last about 30 minutes. 
     Tickets will go on sale Feb. 20th on the Arts Center website and at the Front Desk.