Bowling Road Elementary School

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Site Plan: Bowling Road Elementary School

A site plan is in review for Bowling Road Elementary School, to be located at 1201 Bowling Rd. The proposed site includes a two-story 127,315 square-foot educational building with 110 parking spaces on 64.95 acres.

Project Status: Proposed

Current Progress:

  • ➙ Site Plan Submitted

  • Site Plan Approved
  • Under Construction

Contact Information:


Wake County Board of Education
111 Corning Rd, Ste 190   
Cary, NC 27518     

Engineering Firm

CLH Design, PA 
400 Regency Forest Dr, Ste 120   
Cary, NC 27518       

Site Plan

Site Plan pg2_002


003 - SP-2023-TBD - Site Plan Set_033

Planning Department Contact

For more information contact Planning.

email | (919) 552-1429