Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping

Fuquay-Varina is committed to running Town facilities in a manner to prevent stormwater pollution through its Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping Program.  Pollution prevention and good housekeeping is accomplished through the implementation of seven required programs.

Facilities O&M Program

Through the Town's Facilities Operation and Maintenance Program, Fuquay-Varina has pollution prevention measures to manage facilities that are owned and operated by the Town and have the potential for generating polluted stormwater runoff. Town staff perform facility inspections and provide routine maintenance necessary to prevent stormwater pollution. Additionally, Town staff is trained annually on general stormwater awareness, pollution prevention, and good housekeeping practices.


Spill Response Program

Fuquay-Varina has spill prevention and response measures for Town facilities and operations that store and/or use materials that have the potential to contaminate stormwater runoff if spilled. Written spill response procedures are maintained onsite at Town facilities and Town staff is trained annually on spill response procedures.

MS4 O&M Program

Through the Town's MS4 Operation and Maintenance Program, Fuquay-Varina has measures to minimize pollutants in the stormwater collection system. The Town maintains a proactive plan for MS4 system maintenance with regular inspections and implements an O&M program for the stormwater sewer system including catch basins and conveyance systems that it owns and maintains. SD System Opens in new windowThe Town provides training on stormwater awareness and pollution prevention operation and maintenance staff. Staff performs MS4 inspections, maintains an inventory of the collection system including catch basins and conveyances; and performs collection system maintenance per established frequencies.

Municipal SCM O&M Program

Fuquay-Varina has measures to manage municipally-owned, operated, and/or maintained structural Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs) that are installed for compliance with the Town’s Post-Construction Site Runoff Controls program. The Town maintains an inventory of SCMs and performs SCM inspections and maintenance.

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Pesticide, Herbicide, and Fertilizer Management Program

Fuquay-Varina has measures to minimize water quality impacts from the use of landscape chemicals. The Town ensures employees utilizing pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer are properly trained and certified.

Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance Program

Fuquay-Varina has measures to prevent and minimize contamination of stormwater runoff from areas used for municipal vehicle and equipment maintenance and/or cleaning. The Town provides routine pollution prevention training to staff and performs routine inspections per established frequencies for vehicle wash areas.

Pavement Management Program

Fuquay-Varina has measures to reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff from municipally-owned streets, roads, and parking lots within the Towns corporate limits.

Through the Town's Public Education and Outreach Program and the Public Works Department, the Town has implemented measures to control litter, leaves, debris, and fluid pollutants associated with vehicles. The Town also maintains a Street Sweeping Program of Town-maintained right-of-way (ROW) and parking lots.

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