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Subdivision: Providence Oaks

Construction drawings are under review for Providence Oaks Subdivision phases 1 &4, to be located at 1408, 1409, 1420, 1501, 1520 &1524 Rodgers Road. This open space development features 281 single-family lots averaging 7,641 square feet with 33.438 acres of open space on 103.609 acres.

Project Status: Proposed

Current Progress:

  •  Preliminary Plans in Review
  • Preliminary Plan Approved

  • Construction Drawing Review
  • Construction Drawing Approval
  • Construction of Infrastructure
  • Construction of Homes

Contact Information:


Carolina Land Group
321 Kilmayne Dr, Suite 201
Cary, NC 27511

Engineering Firm

CE Group
301 Glenwood Ave, 220
Raleigh, NC 27603

Site Rendering

3 Overall Subdivision Plan_001


  • Residential Medium Density-Conditional Zoning District (RMD-CZD)

    • Town Board Approval: 12/7/2020
  • Conditions:

    • Vinyl siding is not permitted. Vinyl windows, decorative elements, and trim are permitted. 
    • Anti-monotony: No unit shall be constructed with an exterior elevation or color palette identical to the unit on either side or directly across the street. 
    • ROW Visibility: Any side or rear façade visible from an existing or proposed public ROW shall have a covered or enclosed porch and/or decorative trim or shutters around all windows. 
    • Façade Treatment: There shall be a minimum of 24” of masonry material at the base along the front façade and surrounding entryway, including an overall 25% minimum masonry (a minimum of 50% of all homes shall include 25% masonry). Each façade shall include shutters. The colors of masonry and siding will vary from home to home per plan. 
    • Garage Doors: Garage doors shall contain windows, decorative details, and/or carriage style adornments. Each home shall have a minimum of a two-car garage. 
    • Glazing: Each unit shall have a front door with a minimum of 25% glazing, transom, and/or door sidelights. 
    • Each home shall have a covered entryway. 
    • Townhomes, Duplexes, Triplexes, and Quadplexes are not permitted. 
    • A 20’ Type B perimeter buffer shall be provided for the entire development. The developer will strive to maintain the existing vegetation in the open space. 
    • Three Single-Family lot sizes will be provided: 6,000, 7,500, and 9,000 square feet. 
    • No one lot size shall comprise less than 15% of the total platted lot count. No one lot size shall contain more than 50% of the total platted lot count. 
    • Maximum density for the overall development shall not exceed 3.25 units per acre. 
    • The development shall provide a minimum of 25% Open Space. 
    • Perimeter buffers shall be in common open space and maintained by the Homeowner’s Association. 
    • The development shall provide a minimum of three pocket parks. Pocket parks will be sodded and include a use consisting of one or more of the following: flower gardens, cornhole (or similar lawn games), vegetable gardens, exercise circuit or other use approved by the Town of Fuquay-Varina Planning Department. 
    • The development shall provide a minimum 5’ wide trail around the large pond on the parcel identified as PIN 0665148249, which shall be maintained by the Homeowner’s Association. 
    • The development shall have an amenity package that will include at least the following: pool, pool house, tot lot, and dog park. 
    • Rogers Road shall be paved, to Town standards, from the intersection of Angier Road and then west and south to the Harnett County line. 

Planning Department Contact

For more information contact Planning.

email | (919) 552-1429