South Judd Pkwy & South Main St Intersection Improvements

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This project will provide multi-modal and operational improvements to S Judd Parkway at and east of S Main St (US-401) by adding westbound to southbound left-turn lane, increasing the capacity of the existing westbound to northbound right-turn lane, widening the intersection and extending 5-foot wide sidewalk approximately 1200 feet to the east along south side of Judd Parkway to eliminate gap in sidewalk. The project will also modify the traffic signal at S Judd Parkway and S Main St (US-401) to enhance intersection operation/capacity, including the addition of detection and signals to provide protected green phases for each left turn movement and upgraded pedestrian actuation.  

The total project budget is expected to be $1,966,000 of which a LAPP grant will fund $494,600. The Town has entered a supplemental agreement to accept $400,000 from NCDOT's Spot Mobility Program to combine with the Town's LAPP grant. The remainder is proposed to be covered by additional state and federal funds.    

Construction for the South Judd Parkway and S. Main Street Intersection Improvements is currently underway and is anticipated to reach completion in Quarter 4 of 2024.

Project Status: 

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Fuquay-Varina Engineering Dept. 

For more information contact TOFV Engineering:

Project Contractor

S.T. Wooten Corporation

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The following video provides an aerial overview of the South Judd Pkwy and South Main St Improvement Project. This drone footage is combined with simple animations and informational callouts to illustrate the primary locations and goals of the improvement project.
Note: This video does not have an audio track.