Union Station

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Subdivision: Union Station

Construction of homes is underway for Union Station Subdivision, located at 235 Coley Farm Road. This open space development features 66 single-family lots averaging 7,900 square feet with 3.50 acres of open space on 18.94 acres.

Project Status: Under Construction

  • Current Progress:

    • Preliminary Plans in Review
    • Preliminary Plan Approval
      • Town Board Approval: 6/5/2017
    • Construction Drawing Review
    • Construction Drawing Approval
      • Staff Approval: 1/24/2018
    • Construction of Infrastructure
    • ➙ Construction of Homes

Contact Information:


KB Homes Carolinas
4506 S Miami Blvd; Suite 100
Durham, NC 27703

Engineering Firm

Thompson and Associates, PA
1149 Executive Cir
Cary, NC 27511

Preliminary Plans 

union station prelim sitepng_Page1


  • Residential Medium Density-Conditional Zoning District (RMD-CZD)

    • Town Board Approval: 3/72005
  • Conditions: 

  • No mobile homes
  • Access to Coley Farm Road
  • Only Open Space Development standards will be used
  • Stub in access to future Western Parkway
  • Stub street in Scottsdale Subdivision will be barricaded during development of the Betts/Evans property and no construction traffic will use the stub street as ingress or egress.
  • Perimeter lots proposed abutting Scottsdale Subdivision and Coley Farm Road will be constructed using crawl space construction for the homes only.
  • Transition lot sizes from Scottsdale Subdivision for approximately 250 feet: 9,000 square feet perimeter lot to 7, 000 sq ft lot to proposed lot size allowed by requesting zoning.
  • Single-family detached housing on Evans property (PIN 0656-38-9185 & 0656-28-6458)
  • Multi-family and/or single-family on Betts property (PIN 0656-37-0333) adjacent to the railroad.
  •  A 15’ opaque landscape buffer will be provided along the property lines abutting the railroad tracks.
  • A 15’ opaque landscape buffer as part of the open space and a 20’ landscape easement as a part of a lot abutting the 15’ opaque buffer will be provided along the property abutting Scottsdale.
  • Provide the Town an alignment for the Western Parkway (120ft ROW) for review and approval.
  • Lots abutting Scottsdale, lots across the street from those abutting Scottsdale, and any within 250’ of the street connection Scottsdale will be crawl space only.

Planning Department Contact

For more information contact Planning.

email | (919) 552-1429