Bengal Towne Centre

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Site Plan: Bengal Towne Centre

The development features 13 tracts to be developed for a variety of uses such as office, commercial, mixed-use, apartments, and civic space. Additionally, the plans include infrastructure and 53 townhomes. 

Construction is underway for Lot 4, which includes a 110,000 square foot, mixed-use, four-story building with 78 residential units and 97 parking spaces on 1.27 acres. Construction is complete for Bengal Towne Center Lot 5, located at 1200 Galt Avenue, a 4,460 square foot Montessori School with 37 parking spaces on 0.45 acres. 

Project Status: Under Construction

Townhomes- Current Progress:

  • Preliminary Plan Submitted
  • Preliminary Plan Approval
    • Town Board Approved: 9/29/17
  • Construction Drawings Submitted
  • Construction Drawings Approval
    • Staff Approved: 3/7/2018
  • ➙ Under Construction

Project Status: Under Construction

Mixed-Use Building- Current Progress:

  • Site Plan Submitted
  • Site Plan Approved
  • ➙ Under Construction

Project Status: Complete

Montessori School- Current Progress:

  • Site Plan Submitted
  • Site Plan Approved
    • Approved by Planning Staff 02/10/2020
  • Under Construction
  • ➙ Complete


  • Neighborhood Mixed-Use (NMU) & Urban Mixed-Use (UMU) Zoning District

    • Town Board Approval: 2/6/2017
  • Corridor Commercial- Conditional Zoning District (CC-CZD) 

    • Town Board Approval: 5/2/16


  1. All uses allowed within the CDF II District shall be allowed with the exception of:
    1. Pawn Shop
    2. Auto Dealership
    3. Auto Parking Lot
    4. Car Wash
    5. Tattoo & Body Piercing
  2. Standards of development will be in accordance with all applicable standards contained in mixed-use developments of the Town of Fuquay-Varina Code of Ordinance.

Contact Information:


Wiseman Plus, LLC
1001 Procure St, Suite 101
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526

Lot 5:

Engineering Firm

Allen Consulting, PLLC
10609 Old Pine Ct
Raleigh, NC 27613

Lot 4:

Timmons Group
5410 Trinity Rd; Ste 102
Raleigh, NC 27607

Planning Department Contact

For more information contact Planning.

email | (919) 552-1429 

Master Plan

BTS Master Plan

Preliminary Plan

BTS Subdivision Plan

Mixed-Use Building Site Plan

BTS L4 Site Plan

Mixed-Use Building Elevations

BTS L4 Elevations

Montessori School Site Plan

BTS L5 Site Plan

Montessori School Elevations

BTS L5 Elevations