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Subdivision: Midtown

Construction plans have been approved for Midtown Subdivision, to be located at 313 Railroad Street. This townhome development features 53 lots with 5.54 acres of open space on 10.36 acres.

Project Status: Approved

  • Current Progress:

    • Preliminary Plans in Review
    • Preliminary Plan Approved
    • Construction Drawing Review
    • ➙Construction Drawing Approval

    • Construction of Infrastructure
    • Construction of Homes

Contact Information:


Crosswind Development
2550 Capitol Dr Ste 105
Creedmoor, NC 27522

Engineering Firm

Timmons Group
5410 Trinity Rd, Suite 102
Raleigh, NC 27607

Planning Department Contact

For more information contact Planning.

email | (919) 552-1429 

Preliminary Subdivision

TG 41517 - Midtown - SUB-PA-2022_003


  • Downtown Center 2-Conditional Zoning District (DC2-CZD)

    •  Town Board Approval: September 5, 2017


The Town Board approved the Residential Medium Density Conditional Zoning District (RMD-CZD), with conditional zoning applicable to use of the subject property as follows: 

1) Right-in / right-out access to Railroad Street.

2) Public street between North West Street and Railroad Street with sidewalk on both sides. 

3) New public street may have parallel parking.

4) Curb and gutter and sidewalk provided on North West Street and Railroad Street along frontage of property. 

5) Install "porkchop" turnaround at terminus of North West Street onto property or an alley into the development, as approved by the Town. 

6) Dedication and construction of public greenway to wetlands limit pending public input and Town Board approval. 

7) 10 foot opaque buffer along adjacent parcels.

8) Minimum 9 foot first floor ceiling height 

9) Comply with articulation, roof and roof lines, color, and building material requirements.

10) 80 townhome units maximum.