Rowland's Grant

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Subdivision: Rowland’s Grant

Construction plans have been approved for Rowland’s Grant Subdivision, to be located at 5906 Hilltop Road. This open space development features 232 single-family lots averaging 8,001 square feet with 55.573 acres of open space on 110.185 acres.

Project Status: Approved

  • Current Progress:

    • Preliminary Plans in Review
    • Planning Board Hearing
    • Town Board Hearing
    • Preliminary Plan Approval
      • Town Board Approval: 10/5/2020
    • Construction Drawing Review
    • ➙ Construction Drawing Approved

    • Construction of Infrastructure
    • Construction of Homes

Contact Information:


Greenpointe, LLC
7201 Creedmoor Rd, Suite 140
Raleigh, NC 27613

Engineering Firm

The Nau Company, PLLC
PO BOX 810
Rolesville, NC 27571

Planning Department Contact

For more information contact Planning.

email | (919) 552-1429 

Preliminary Subdivision

Rowlands Grant Site Plan


Residential Medium Density- Conditional Zoning District (RMD-CZD)

  • Town Board Approval: September 17, 2019


The Town Board approved the Residential Medium Density Conditional Zoning District (RMD-CZD), with the following conditions regarding the use of the subject property:

1) Single Family Detached.

The Town Board approved the Residential Medium Density Conditional Zoning District (RMD-CZD), with the following conditions regarding the site-specific standards of the subject property:

1) The land shall be developed as an Open Space Development in accordance with Part9, Article F of the Land Development Ordinance.

2) At least three lot sizes shall be identified on the approved site plan. The minimum lot size shall be 5,200 SF. Lots of at least 6,600 SF and 15,000 SF shall also be provided.

3) Larger lots (minimum of 15,000 SF) or a minimum depth of 50 feet of open space shall be located adjacent to properties having the following Wake County PINs:0677961699, 0677963806, 0677969866, 0677972045, 0677973237, 0677974350,0677976300, 0677977330, 0677978279, 0677979051, 0677979145, 0687062992,0687072039, 0687073199, 0687073802, 0687075258, 0687075589, 0687076399,0687081093, 0687084237 (see exhibit A).

4) No one lot size shall comprise of less than 10% of the total platted lot count. No one lot size shall comprise of more than 55% of the total platted lot count.

5) The density of the development shall be limited to 2.5 dwelling units per gross acre.

6) Connections to the adjacent subdivision via Ken Drive shall be barricaded 90 days after the date of the pre-construction meeting. The barricades shall be removed by the developer with the recordation of the final plat for the corresponding phase of development containing the 120th lot when the second entrance is required by Town ordinances.

7) Vinyl siding is not permitted; however, vinyl windows, decorative elements, and trim are permitted.

8) Garage doors shall have either windows, decorative details, or carriage style adornments.

9) In order to promote variation in home appearance, no home can be constructed with an exterior elevation (front façade) or color palette that is identical to the home on either side or directly across the street from it.

10) At the time that a connection is required to be made to the existing paved Ken Drive, the Developer shall be required ensure the entire existing paved section of Ken Drive south of Hollow View Ct meets NCDOT construction standards and is in an acceptable state of maintenance for addition to the State system. The Developer will be responsible for facilitating the NCDOT acceptance process, including holding an NCDOTwalkthrough and shall satisfactorily complete all NCDOT punch list items.