McLaurin Farms

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Subdivision: McLaurin Farms

Construction of homes is underway for McLaurin Farms Subdivision, to be located at 6532 Burt Road. This open space development features 62 single-family lots averaging 32,917 square feet with 22.56 acres of open space on 80.95 acres.

Project Status: Under Construction

  • Current Progress:

    • Preliminary Plans in Review
    • Preliminary Plan Approved
    • Construction Drawing Review
    • Construction Drawing Approved
    • Construction of Infrastructure
    • Construction of Homes

Contact Information:


Capital Land,LLC
602 Holden St
Raleigh, NC 27604

Engineering Firm

FLM Engineering, INC
PO BOX 91727
Raleigh, NC 27675

Preliminary Plans 

McLaurin Farms_007
McLaurin Farms_008_008


  • Residential Agriculture-Conditional Zoning District (RA-CZD)

    • Town Board Approval: 6/3/2019
  • Conditions:

  •  The Town Board approved the Residential Agricultural Conditional Zoning District (RA-CZD), with the following conditions regarding permitted uses and site-specific standards (Note: Conditions 5 and 9 were edited for clarity, and the changes were consented to by the petitioner and property owner during the public hearing): 
  1. Single-family dwelling units only.
  2. Development shall be limited to a maximum density of one dwelling unit per acre. 
  3. 10% of the total parcel area will be designated as open space. 3) Vinyl siding shall not be permitted. However, vinyl windows, decorative elements, and trim are permitted. 
  4. Garage doors must have windows, decorative details or carriage style adornments. 
  5. Accessory structures shall be architecturally compatible with primary detached units. 
  6. Various types of homes shall be utilized throughout the subdivision. 
  7. Construction traffic will only access the site through Burt Road. Tinwood Drive will be barricaded off during construction. The barricade will be removed at the time the plat is recorded showing the connection to Tinwood Drive. 
  8. In addition to what's required by the LDO, the developer will maintain existing trees and vegetation within 10' of the parcel line adjacent to Wake Co PINs 0646.01-15-5429, 0646.01-15-5429, 0646.01-15-7641 and lots 7, 8, 9, and 12 of the Oak Village Subdivision as shown on the rezoning plat associated with this submittal. 
  9. In addition to what's required by the LDO, a proposed landscape berm, minimum height of 3' in the valley up to 4 or 4.5' in the peaks will be installed along the parcel boundary adjacent to Wake Co. PIN 0636.02-77-0162 and Buckhorn Duncan Rd. Berm location shown on the rezoning plat associated with this submittal. 

Planning Department Contact

For more information contact Planning.

email | (919) 552-1429