What’s Coming to Fuquay-Varina

Town of Fuquay-Varina Projects

Depot Trail

A segment of the Depot Trail, a greenway near South NC HWY 55, is now open.  The Depot Trail will eventually go through the South Lakes subdivision, and connect to the Honeycutt Road Park. 

Johnson House

Construction is nearly complete for the Johnson House, located at 405 Spring Avenue in downtown Fuquay.  Plans include renovations and upgrades to the residential structure and installation of a parking lot, which will be utilized by the Town of Fuquay-Varina for administrative offices. 

Varina Parking Lot

A new public parking lot in downtown Varina is now open.  The parking lot, located along E Broad Street (HWY 55), at the corner of Durham Street and Fayetteville Street, will have 15 public parking spaces.


Non-Residential Site Plan Projects

ABC Store

A new ABC Store to be located at 1940 Cinema Drive is set to open soon.  It is located in the Marquee Station development.

Associates Park II Lot 6

A site plan is currently under review for Lot 6 of Associates Park II, located off of Fayetteville Road (HWY 401).  The proposed storage yard will be located at 9555 Industry Drive.

Daniel Property Subdivision

A preliminary commercial subdivision of four (4) lots is currently under review.  The property is adjacent to Judd Parkway and East Broad Street, addressed at 1259 E Broad St and totals just over 10 acres.

Farm Bureau Insurance

A new 3,600 square foot building at the location of the former building is now open for Farm Bureau Insurance.  This project is located at 1441 North Main Street.

Fuquay Commons Phase II

Construction is underway for Fuquay Commons Phase II, to be located near the intersection of North Judd Parkway Northeast and East Broad Street, adjacent to the existing Fuquay Commons shopping center.  The project includes a 15,600 square foot retail building and another building with 3,700 square feet of medical office space and 2,600 square feet of retail space. 

Fuquay Gun & Gold

Construction is underway for Fuquay Gun & Gold.  The proposed facility will relocate the existing business from 330 S Main Street (HWY 401), in downtown Fuquay, to 1602 N Main Street (HWY), at the corner of Main Street and Fieldside Drive.  The proposed new location will be 9,100 square feet. 


Site and building plans are currently under review for a Pep Boys.  The proposed 5,546 square foot facility will be located at 1516 N Main Street (HWY 401) and will include six (6) bays. 

Demolition is currently underway for the existing building located on this site.

Procure Street Offices

A site plan is currently under review for Procure Street Offices, to be located at 1001 Procure Street.  The proposed building is just less than 5,200 square feet.

Quality Oil

Site plans are currently under review for Quality Oil, a gas station to be located at 1880 N Broad Street, at the corner of North Broad Street and Old Powell Road. 

The Shoppes at Lakestone Commons

A preliminary subdivision plan to add an outparcel to The Shoppes at Lakestone Commons, located off of Lakestone Commons Ave, has been approved. 

A site plan is currently under review for a daycare facility.  The proposed facility will be located on the new outparcel, at 600 Lakestone Commons Avenue.


New Businesses & Existing Business Improvements

American Pride Car Wash

Site and building plans are currently under review for renovations and site changes to American Pride Car Wash, located at 7510 Purfoy Road.

Char Mac Apartments

Renovations are currently underway at Buildings #1 and #2 of Char Mac Apartments, located at 203 East Ransom Street, near downtown Fuquay. 

Consolidated School Gymnasium

Demolition is currently underway of the Consolidated School Gymnasium.  The facility located at 326 West Jones Street sustained severe damage and is being demolished.

Don Jenkins Ford

Construction is underway at Don Jenkins Ford to replace existing lighting throughout the site with LED lighting at 3217 North Main Street (HWY 401).

Draftline Brewery

Construction is now underway for Draftline Brewery, a brewery and tap room, to be located at 341 East Broad Street, Suite 151.  The business will be located in the Stephens warehouse buildings in downtown Varina.

El Lobo

Construction is nearing completion for a new restaurant, El Lobo, to be located at 1301 East Broad Street.  This is the former location of After Hours, in the Fuquay Crossing Shopping Center.

Firehouse Subs

Building plans for an upfit are currently under review for Firehouse Subs, to be located at 1303 North Main Street (HWY 401). 

Guilford Mills

Demolition is nearly complete at the Guilford Mills site, a former industrial business.  The vacant building being demolished is located at 200 Dickens Road.  The project is demolition only; no plans for future use of the property have been submitted to the Town. 

John Hiester Chevrolet

Construction has begun on interior renovations and an expansion to John Hiester Chevrolet, an automobile dealership located at 3100 North Main Street (HWY 401). 

Kumo Sushi

Construction is now underway for a building fit-up at 2916 North Main Street (HWY 401).  The location will house a restaurant, Kumo Sushi, in the North Creek Shopping Center.

Pentecostal Church

Site and building plans are currently under review for an addition at United Pentecostal Church of Fuquay, located at 6124 Dwight Rowland Road.  The addition at the church will include two (2) modular units located behind the existing facility, to be utilized for classrooms and offices related to the church.


PetSmart, a pet product retailer and service provider, is opening soon.  The facility will be located at 991 East Broad Street, in the Main Street Station shopping center, where Walmart is located. 

Piedmont Pottery

Construction of a building fit-up is now underway for Piedmont Pottery, a retail business, to be located at 511 East Broad Street in downtown Varina.

Procare Outdoor Power

Construction has begun for renovation of a former gas station, located at 1208 W Academy Street (HWY 42).  Removal of the underground fuel storage tanks is also taking place as part of this change of use. Procare Outdoor Power will be relocating to the renovated location from its former location, 405 E Broad Street (HWY 55) in downtown Varina. 

Space Savers

Construction is now underway for an expansion of Space Savers ministorage to add buildings.  The business is located at 2881 North Broad St (HWY 55).  Also underway is construction of another storage lot at 4902 Wade Nash Road, directly across Lightwater Lane from the existing facility.   

Universal Healthcare

Site and building plans are currently under review for an expansion of Universal Healthcare.  The facility located at 410 Judd Parkway SE is proposing an addition to provide 20 more beds.   


Residential Development Projects

Amber Ridge

Construction is underway for Phase 2 of Amber Ridge Subdivision.  This phase of the residential subdivision includes a total of 48 lots and is located off of Purfoy Road. 

Construction plans are currently under review for Phases 3 and 4 of Amber Ridge, a standard subdivision.  These phases include 56 lots.

Alston Ridge

Infrastructure construction is underway for Phase 2 of Alston Ridge, an open space subdivision located along North Broad Street (HWY 55) and Old Adams Road.  Homes are being constructed in Phases 1 and 4.  The total project at completion (including Phases 1-5) entails 137.03 acres, zoned R-8 CU, with 382 lots, a 3.38 acre homeowners’ association recreation site, and a 7.43 acre commercial site located along North Broad Street (HWY 55). This project was previously known as Alston Pond. 

Brighton Forest

Construction plans are currently under review for several phases within the Brighton Forest Subdivision, located off of Johnson Pond Road.  Phases 9B and 10B will include 24 lots, and Phases 3A, 5A, and 9A will include 38 lots. 


A preliminary subdivision named Brookside is currently under review.  The proposed subdivision is near the intersection of Judd Parkway NE and Stewart Street, and will be located off of Judd Parkway.  Brookside is proposed as an open space subdivision, with 8.4 acres of open space within a total of 31.6 acres.  There are 96 proposed lots.

Cypress Meadow

Construction plans are currently under review for Cypress Meadow, an open space subdivision to be located off of Ten-Ten Road and Old McCullers Road.  The site is 53.5 acres in total, and will include 155 lots and 15.8 acres of open space.  

Mill Ridge South

Construction is set to begin for Mill Ridge South, a residential subdivision with 47 total lots located off of James Slaughter Road.

Neill’s Pond

Construction plans are currently under review for Phases 1 and 5 of Neill’s Pond subdivision.  The open space subdivision will include 27 lots in Phase 1 and 15 lots in Phase 5, and will be accessed via Holland Road. 

Partin Place

Construction has begun on Phases 1 and 2 of the Partin Place subdivision.  There will be 39 lots in Phase 1 and 41 lots in Phase 2, making a total of 80 lots within the subdivision, which is accessed via Harrison Place Lane, in the existing Harrison Place subdivision off NC 42.

South Lakes

Phase SF-4 - Construction is underway for SF-4 (Phase 4) in the South Lakes Planned Development (PD) community. This phase is adjacent to the South Lakes Recreation Center and will contain 54 single-family residential lots.

Phase SF-7 – A preliminary subdivision plan is currently under review for South Lakes SF-7.  This phase will include 290 lots in total, divided into 6 smaller sections, and will be accessed from Old Honeycutt Road.

Phase SF-11 – Construction plans are currently under review for South Lakes SF-11 (Phase 11).  This phase is adjacent to SF-4 and will include 45 single-family residential lots.

Sunset Bluffs

A preliminary subdivision has been approved for a total development of 65.7 acres, located off of Herbert Akins Road.  The proposed subdivision will be an open space subdivision with a total of 186 lots and 17.62 acres of open space. 

Construction plans have been approved for Phase 1 of Sunset Bluffs, formerly Phase 6 of Mill Ridge Subdivision, to be accessed from Herbert Akins Road.  This phase includes 24 lots.   

Construction plans are currently under review for Phase 2A of Sunset Bluffs, access via Phase 1, currently under construction.  This phase includes 37 lots.

Tyler Park

A preliminary subdivision called Tyler Park is currently under review. The proposed subdivision will include a total of 43.2 acres, with 14.9 acres of open space provided, following the Town’s Open Space Development regulations.  It will be located off of Stewart Street, near the intersection with James Slaughter Road, and will include a total of 89 lots.

The Village at Marquee Station Apartments

All buildings included within The Village at Marquee Station Apartments, a multi-family development, are now open.  There is a total of 265 apartment units and related community amenities, accessed from North Main Street (HWY 401) and Mill Creek Drive. 

Varina Park

Phase 1 – Phase 1 of Varina Park, an open space subdivision is currently under construction.  This phase of Varina Park has a total of 22 lots and is accessed via Crocked Ridge Road in the Buckhaven Subdivision and via Jaybird Lane in the Stewart Manner subdivision, both of which are accessed by Stewart Street.  

Phase 2 – Grading and infrastructure installation is underway for Phase 2 of the Varina Park Subdivision.  Phase 2 contains 26 lots and will be accessed via Phase 1 of Varina Park.