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Citizen Use of the GISThe Town of Fuquay-Varina allows citizens easy access to a variety of maps and data applicable to the Town. The Engineering Department offers our citizens multiple ways in which you can obtain GIS maps and data.  Citizens can visit and actively produce maps to obtain a multitude of information on the Town's utilities, including existing water and sewer, storm drainage, and access to subdivision As-Builts and photos, etc. This information is provided free of charge and is available via http://gis.fuquay-varina.org.  Citizens can also pick up a select number of pre-made maps which are available during normal business hours at the Town Hall for a set price, or can request special maps to be created and data available to download from a CD (a fee is charged for special maps and CDs).

For more information on how to obtain maps and data, or for assistance with the GIS web service please see the information below or contact the Engineering Department at

MAPS AVAILABLE FOR SALE:  The following are available for immediate pickup at Town Hall (401 Old Honeycutt Road) at the fron window for $20 each

  • Official Zoning Map
  • Official Land Use Plan
  • Official Thoroughfare Plan
  • Water or Sewer Map
  • Infrastructure Master Plan

For information regarding Zoning, Land Use, or the Thoroughfare maps, please contact Planning Department @ (919) 552-1429 or planning@fuquay-varina.org. For other maps, please contact the Engineering Department @ (919) 753-1021 or

SPECIAL REQUEST MAPS FOR SALE:  Citizens can request special maps to be produced as well as the data downloaded on a CD.

You can place a map request either by sending an email to gis@fuquay-varina.org or visit the Town Hall at 401 Old Honeycutt Road. A requested map will be priced at $30 an hour, depending on the size and time it takes to be created. A CD of the data can also be requested at a price of $30.