Posted on: October 10, 2017

Celebrating Halloween


While the Town of Fuquay-Varina does not have an ordinance that addresses Halloween or days and times of trick or treating, "most" trick or treaters venture out on October 31st between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. within the Town. This time frame on October 31st is when most families participate in the annual activity. We do not recommend later times due to safety and visibility concerns.

We are still sharing information as part of the "Watch for Me NC" pedestrian and bicycle safety campaign and want to ensure you are alert for our little ones in Town. It will be dark so wear bright costumes with reflective materials and/or tape and carry a flashlight. We have "Watch for Me NC" arm or wristbands available in our lobby once again. Stop by to pick one up (while supplies last). Use sidewalks and do not walk in the middle of roadways/streets. Do not run out in traffic. Use pedestrian crosswalks. Motorists - stop for pedestrians using crosswalks; it's the law. Drive slowly and be alert in neighborhoods. Try not to be distracted by the unusual costumes out there.

As to the questions of "What if Halloween falls on a school night"? We do not regulate Halloween and do not schedule "trick or treating" as a government entity. As a parent, you decide if your children trick or treat on October 31st to those homes that have lights turned on beckoning treaters. If the lights are not visible or if there is a "no trespassing" sign at a particular home, we recommend avoiding that location.

Now there are local groups that host Halloween or Fall Festival events. One of these includes the Fuquay-Varina Downtown Trick or Treating Event in cooperation with downtown businesses. Trick or Treat Downtown will be held on Friday, October 27, 2017 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at participating locations. Stop by the FVPD located at 114 N. Main Street for a treat as we participate in this event. We also have stickers/removable tattoos for those children with allergies (while supplies last).

Area churches, schools and businesses also host fall festival type events. Check with your area school, church or favorite business to find out about those activities, dates and times. I've also seen a few "pumpkin patches" around Town. While I haven't heard if the Great Pumpkin will stop by, visit these locations and support our local farmers and non-profits.
As to the age of participation and costume requirements for Halloween, we do not regulate who gives out candy and who should receive candy. If you do not wish to participate...don't. If you do not want to give out candy... don't. It's simple.

Now to a more serious topic...tricks or those acts that are in violation of law. If you don't like a particular candy that a neighbor is giving out, please don't toilet paper or egg someone's home or car. That's vandalism and it is against the law. If you choose to wear a scary costume or an "It" clown costume and are threatening others, stealing candy or committing other illegal acts remember, "It's all fun and games until the cops show up". Don't involve yourself in activities that result in harming someone or causing an accident. If there is a violation of law, we will address it accordingly. Criminal charges and a trip to the jail are not a joke. We want you to have a fun and safe Halloween but not at the expense of hurting anyone.
I will share additional safety tips and recommendations over the next weeks as October 31st approaches. In the meantime, keep following us on Facebook and Nextdoor. We pride ourselves in keeping you informed about safety.

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