NE Judd Intersection Project 

Temporary Closure of Judd Parkway Railroad Crossing

Construction on the NE Judd Intersection Project began in Jan. 2018 and is making significant progress. At this point, the project is ahead of schedule despite significant rain this summer.

In mid-August, Norfolk Southern Railroad will begin work on the Judd Parkway railroad crossing that will allow for expansion of lanes over the tracks. The railroad crossing on Judd Parkway will be closed during construction which may take up to 30 days. No specific date has been provided by Norfolk Southern, but we anticipate that work may begin as early as mid-August. When we have a firm date, we will push it out to citizens via our website, social media and email.

An Official Detour Map is provided. We encourage motorists to seek alternative routes in addition to the official detour. Access to businesses along the detour will be maintained on Broad Street and Main Street. Expect higher than usual traffic in the area.

Project Facts: 

 View an Interactive Map of the Project
  • Planning for the project began immediately following citizen approval of the 2015 Transportation Bond.
  • The project adds lanes on NE Judd Parkway from Old Honeycutt Road past the Walmart shopping center. See Detail of New Lanes
  • The total project budget is over $7 million and is funded through a combination of bonds and grants.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Why is the Town installing concrete medians?
  • The medians, required by NCDOT as part of the project, prevent left turns in congested, multi-lane areas with the goal of reducing accidents and enhancing safety. A concrete median physically enforces the solid double yellow lines which would exist at places deemed too dangerous for a left turn. In short, concrete medians provide systematic control of access points, provide for smoother traffic flow and provide for increased safety. Studies indicate that access-related crashes can be reduced by 40-60% by utilizing medians.
  • The town requires businesses to have cross access between properties.  This helps reduce traffic on main roads because motorists can move between nearby businesses internally without accessing a major street.  
Why can't construction work take place at night?
  • While some work has taken place at night (and on weekends), it is not financially feasible to undertake the entire project during evening hours which can lead to cost increases from 50-100%.
  • With respect to the railroad crossing, Norfolk Southern owns the railroad property and sets the construction schedule for their portion of the project.
When will construction end?
  • Construction of the NE Judd Intersection began Jan. 2018 and is scheduled to take 18 months. The project is ahead of schedule and may be completed sooner but there are too many factors that could impact this to make any promises. It's safe to say, the project will be completed by June 2019. It could be done sooner.
How will construction impact my commute?
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How do I learn about other Transportation Projects taking place in Fuquay-Varina?
The town currently has $33 million in road projects in the pipeline.  Learn about other major transportation projects