Facility Status

This Facility Update page pertains to Youth Sports only. If your facility is Closed, your practice or game has been Cancelled. If your facility if Open, your practice or game will meet as scheduled. The Facility status is updated by 3 p.m. Monday-Friday and weekends Only as weather conditions change.

In the case of cancellation, please check the calendar provided on each sport page for rescheduling information which is generally posted within 24-36 hours after cancellation. Visit the Sport pages for more information.

We also have a Weather Hotline. Call 919-552-2698 for field/facility status and practice & game cancellation information. The Weather Hotline is updated on a daily basis. Please call this number for weather related game/practice issues instead of the main telephone number.
Updated: Tuesday, March 20th 2:23pm

Park Status
Action Park, Field 1 CLOSED
Action Park, Field 2 CLOSED
Action Park, Field 3 CLOSED
Banks Road CLOSED
Ballentine School - Baseball CLOSED
Ballentine School - Flag Football CLOSED
Community Center - Basketball OPEN
Community Center - Dance CLOSED
Community Center - Volleyball OPEN
Council Gym CLOSED
Falcon Park CLOSED
Fleming Loop Park - Soccer CLOSED
Fleming Loop Park - Football CLOSED
Fuquay Middle School Field CLOSED
Herbert Akins School Park CLOSED
Honeycutt Road Park CLOSED
Kinton Park CLOSED
Ransdell Park CLOSED
South Park, Field 1 CLOSED
South Park, Field 2 CLOSED
South Park, Field 3 CLOSED
Indoor Facilities OPEN