Non-Residential Site Plan Projects

Project List

401 South

A mixed-use development plan has been submitted for the 401 South project. This is a proposed multi-family residential and commercial development to be located at 9408 Fayetteville Road. The project will feature 177 total multi-family units in addition to commercial retail space.

9570 Industry Drive

Building permits have been issued and construction is underway for a 5,000 square foot warehouse building to be used for storage by Industry Supply, Inc. This project is on Lot 7 of Associate’s Park II industrial subdivision.

ABG Flex

A site plan has been approved and construction is underway at ABG Flex, to be located on Lots 8 and 9 of the Associate’s Park industrial park along Industry Drive. The site plan calls for construction of a single building divided into 1,200 square feet of office space, and 6,800 square feet of warehouse and storage space.

American Pride Car Wash

Construction is finished at  American Pride Car Wash, located at 7510 Purfoy Road.

Carolinas Dentist Office

Construction is now underway for the Carolinas Dentist Office and building permits have been issued. This project is to be located at 913 E.Broad Street, an outparcel adjacent to Home Depot.

Harris Teeter Fuel Center

A site plan has been submitted for a new Harris Teeter Fuel Center on the property at 8112 Fayetteville Road. This lot is located south of the Pep Boys and Splash Express Car Wash on the west side of Fayetteville Road. The site plan proposes installing 14 gas pumps.

It’s Thundertime!

A site plan is currently in review for It’s Thundertime! This project will feature two storage buildings, each measuring 4,500 square feet. The project address is 2431 Waco Commercial Court, which is Lot 4 of the Air Park Road Commercial Park.

Lincoln Heights Elementary School

A site plan has been approved and building plans are currently in review for upgrades and improvements of Lincoln Heights Elementary School. This plan proposes to construct new buildings and parking areas on the existing school site. Lincoln Heights Elementary School is located at 307 Bridge Street.

Middle Creek Development

The site plan for the Middle Creek Development project has been approved. Middle Creek Development will to be located at 3713 Banks Road and features two new buildings, each measuring 4,000 square feet. The buildings will contain tenant spaces for commercial retail and restaurant uses. Access to the development will be provided via the existing driveway along Fayetteville Road and Banks Road that currently serves Bojangles and Sheetz.

PC Construction

Plans have been approved and construction is now underway on PC Construction, to be located at 3655 Banks Road. This is Lot 3 of the Conner Business Park which is currently undeveloped. The development will add a paved parking lot and two new buildings, one for office use and one warehouse building. The site will have driveway access via Division Drive.

Realo Discount Drugs

Construction is complete and Realo Discount Drugs is now open. The pharmacy is located at 1802 James Slaughter Road, an outparcel in the Broad Street Market.

Sonoma Springs Amenity Center

A site plan has been submitted for the Sonoma Springs Subdivision Amenity Center. The parcel of land will be located in Phase 1 of Sonoma Springs, and includes a pool and amenity building, measuring a combined 9,500 square feet.

South Lakes SF-7 Neighborhood Amenity Site

Construction is now underway on a neighborhood amenity site to serve the South Lakes Planned Development (PD) community, including a dock and park area.  The site will be located in SF-7, accessed off of Old Honeycutt Road.

Splash Express Car Wash

Site work continues and portions of the building are now under construction at the new Splash Express Car Wash, to be located at 8012 Fayetteville Road. The site plan calls for installation of 22 vacuum stations, in addition to an office building that is connected to a covered car wash tunnel, measuring 4,250 square feet in total.

Sunset Lake Shops

The Sunset Lake Shops site plan has been approved and the building is now being constructed. This plan calls for redevelopment of the property at 1385 N. Main Street, with a new 6,600 square foot building that will feature 4,200 square feet of retail space and 2,400 square feet of restaurant space.

The restaurant portion of Sunset Lake Shops will be occupied by Chipotle Mexican Grill. Building plans are in review for the restaurant upfit.

Wood Spring

Construction is almost complete at Wood Spring, a multi-family residential development named Wood Spring, to be located at 1806 James Slaughter Road. The development will feature a single building with 24 one-bedroom units and 24 two-bedroom units for citizens over 55 years of age.