Minor / Exempt / Recombination Subdivision Process

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Subdivision Process

The Town of Fuquay-Varina allows certain subdivisions to be recorded using an administrative process without approval of the Town Board of Commissioners. There are three types of subdivisions that meet these criteria:

Minor Subdivisions

This is the division of a parcel of land into not more than four lots abutting an existing dedicated public street.

There are four conditions that apply, which are acceptable to classify as a minor subdivision:
  • The subdivision does not involve any new public street to be dedicated or, will not involve any new street, whether public or private, to give access to the interior lots or parcels.
  • The subdivision does not involve the extension of public sanitary sewer or water lines or creates new drainage easements.
  • The subdivision does not adversely affect the development of the remaining parcel of land or adjoining property.
  • The subdivision will not create any new or residual parcels which do not satisfy the requirements the Subdivision Ordinance.
A minor subdivision is not required to construct road improvements based on the adopted Thoroughfare Plan or Collector Street Plan, however if additional right of way is required based on the Thoroughfare Plan or Collector Street Plan, then the minor subdivision must include the dedication of the additional right of way. Once a minor subdivision has been approved on a particular parcel of land it not permitted to then apply for another minor subdivision on one of the parcels that was created by the original minor subdivision.

Recombination Subdivision

A recombination is a subdivision where two or more parcels of land or portions of a parcel are combined into one parcel or with another parcel of land. A recombination subdivision does not permit the creation of additional lots beyond what was existing prior to the proposed recombination.

Exempt Subdivision

Exempt subdivisions do not create additional lots. Examples of an exempt subdivision are the addition of easements to a parcel of land, additional right-of-way dedication to an existing public street, a boundary survey of an existing parcel of land that is not increased in acreage or number of lots.

Approval Process

  • Submit paper copies of the proposed subdivision plat for review by the Planning Department. The submittal includes an application form and a $100 filing fee.
  • The Planning Department will review to determine that the appropriate plat certifications are on the subdivision plat, assign addressing, if necessary and submit the plat to other departments as appropriate.
  • The applicant will be notified of any comments and be provided with one red lined paper copy to address any changes to the proposed subdivision plat.
  • Submit mylar(s) to the Planning Department with any changes. The planning department will then schedule for the subdivision plat to be signed. Allow 3 to 4 days for the process to be completed and the applicant given the signed subdivision plat to be recorded at the Wake County Register of Deeds.
  • Submit seven copies of recorded plat to the Planning Department.